Zero waste stationery vegan friendly


Green Planet Paper is a sustainable stationery shop.

I currently offer a range of environmentally friendly cards, gift tags and recycled wrapping paper, however as the business grows my aim is to provide you with a full range of products that can be used in your day to day life.


All products are truly sustainable and produced in the UK where possible.


A little about me … I have worked in the commercial stationery sector for almost ten years now and I truly love being a part of this industry.  I am incredibly passionate about the environment and therefore spotted a gap in the market that desperately needs to be filled.

I have wanted to create a brand and business of my own for a while now, but was particularly motivated when I noticed how much plastic is used in both our daily lives and in many offices.


Green Planet Paper products are fully sustainable and designed to both suit your stationery needs and give back to the world we live in. I look forward to showing you my new creations and hope that you will join me on my journey to make the planet a cleaner, greener place!


Maddy xx