Frequently asked questions

How is your seed paper made?

Our seed paper is hand made in the UK. To maintain maximum germination rate the paper is air dried rather than put through a heated press.

Does your paper have a plant by date?

As with any type of seed the longer you wait to plant the lower the germination rate. We recommend planting your paper within a year of purchase in order to get maximum growth. We recommend storing your paper in a cool dry place as heat and hummidity can affect germination as well.

How do I plant my seed paper?

For best results please plant in the spring. Its very easy to grow simply follow the below instructions which are also on the back of the cards Plant me - Fill a pot with compost and place the paper near the top, cover with a shallow layer of compost. Tip- make sure the pot is situated in a nice sunny warm spot. Water me - Make sure the paper is given a really good watering when it first goes into the pot and keep the compost well watered while the seeds and plants are growing. Watch me grow - Make sure the pot stays in a nice warm sunny spot and is kept watered and it will grow into a little meadow of native wildflowers and grasses.

What wildflower seeds are in the paper?

All the seeds used in the paper are native british wildflowers and grasses. Listed below are the different flower varieties that can be found in the paper. Birdsfoot Trefoil, Black Knapweed, Black Medick, Meadow Buttercup, Musk Mallow, Ox-Eye Daisy, Ribwort Plantain, Red Campion, Salad Burnet, Self Heal, White Campion and Yarrow.