Eco friendly Christmas cracker kit pack 6

Eco friendly Christmas cracker kit pack 6


Eco-friendly Christmas cracker craft kit to make 6 of your own Christmas crackers.

100% zero plastic! YES! Truly! You can pull our Christmas crackers with a clean conscience.

What's in the pack? Corny joke? Check! Jaunty hat? Check! Loud snap? and jute twine for the crackers to be assembled together Hell yes! It has it all – including impeccable eco-credentials. This year, don’t be that person who adds to landfill waste, with bags of festive excess! As these eco-crackers show, you can still have all the fun, but with no waste.

Each eco-friendly cracker is 100% chemical free and created using paper made from grass, which produces up to 75% less CO2 emissions in raw material production.

The crackers can either be left blank or you can personalise them for each guest.

The cracker kits are a great activity to do with the kids in the lead up to Christmas!

The crackers are easy to make, once you have personalised the outside (optional) simply roll the crackers together and push the tabs through the pre cut slits, then tie one end with the jute twine provided.

Next add you hat, joke and if you want a little gift for the person getting the cracker

finally tie the still open end with a second bit of jute twine.