Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers 2021 – box of 6

Eco-Friendly Christmas Crackers 2021 – box of 6


100% zero plastic!  YES!  Truly!  You can pull our luxury Christmas crackers with a clean conscience.  Corny joke?  Check!  Jaunty hat?  Check!  Cracker gift?  Check!  Lound snap?  Hell yes!  It has it all – including impeccable eco-credentials.  This year, don’t be that person who adds to landfill waste, with bags of festive excess!  As these eco-crackers show, you can still have all the fun, but with no waste.


Each eco-friendly cracker is 100% chemical free and created using paper made from grass, which produces up to 75% less CO2 emissions in raw material production. 


Once you’ve snapped your cracker open, you’ll find a joke, hat and a 5g packet of wildflower seed mix.  The packet itself is made from compostable and bio degradable vegetable starch and the seeds it contains include: Corncockle, Poppy, Cornflower, Marigold and Chamomile – a perfect meadow mix to attract bees and other pollinators. 


The pack of 6 fun Christmas crackers come in a box, made from post-consumer waste card.


Green Planet Paper is an eco-friendly, sustainable stationery company.  It specialises in a wide range of handmade, zero waste, recycled stationery products for the festive season, special occasions and events throughout the year.