Eco friendly Happy Birthday Butterfly card

Eco friendly Happy Birthday Butterfly card


With a detachable, plantable shape, stuck to each grass paper card – using biodegradable glue, of course….are these the most eco-friendly cards ever?  We think so!  

Grass paper is an amazing material, that’s far kinder to the environment than traditional paper. 

Here are just a few facts about paper made from grass:


💚It’s made using 99% less water than traditional wood-pulp based paper.

💚Requires 97% less energy to turn it into paper than traditional wood-pulp based paper.

💚 It’s 100% chemical free! 

Each detachable, bio degradable, paper shape is handmade in the UK, from pre-consumer waste cotton, embedded with a mix of 12 different native wildflower seeds and various grasses – the perfect mix to create a balanced meadow.  


simply remove the shape from the card, plant, water and watch it bloom into a flourishing mini meadow; one that bees and other pollinators will love!

Each plantable seed card shape is attached to an A6 size card made from grass, which comes with its own recycled brown Kraft envelope.  


Green Planet Paper is an eco-friendly, sustainable stationery company.  It specialises in a wide range of handmade, zero waste, recycled stationery products for the festive season, special occasions and events throughout the year.